terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009



Está na Caras. A atriz Daniela Escobar se casou com o empresário Marcelo Woellner.
It's published on Caras magazine. Actress Daniela Escobar married executive Marcelo Woellner.

Estou testando uma edição bilíngue, para treinar meu idioma estrangeiro, porque se eu quiser ter uma namorada decente, terei que recorrer ao exterior.
I am testing a two-tongued post, for my foreign language training, cos if I want to have a decent girlfriend, I must to appeal for foreign countries help.

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Marcelo Pereira disse...

Yes, brother!

It's never esay to get a girlfriend in this so demanding world. There's so much rules we have to obey to get the benefits, but we cannot satisfy these demands.

We are compelled to respect the other men rights and recognize the fault and live alone, without woman.

We are living now in the city that we love and we can to joy and laugh. And that is it.